At Corework NYC, we value the patient first model, we understand that spinal pain and disorders are often diagnosed in a very bio-postural -structural -mechanistic approach. We believe that to truly address spine pain whether its low back pain, thoracic pain or neck pain, the treatment shouldn't just stop at that, it should incorporate the biopsychosocial issues as well as address patient's beliefs during the physical therapy process. It should be a continuum.

Utilizing a combination of  Treatment based classification, McKenzie, MWM,  Spinal Manipulative Therapy combined with motor control, stabilization exercises, Pilates, and cognitive approaches with relaxation exercises alongside with properly timed interventions, we can address the underlying issues that accompany spinal pain.


So whether you're experiencing pain as acute,  acute exacerbation, subacute, chronic episode or in post-operative rehabilitation, we can help tailor your physical therapy using the most up to date evidence to inform your treatments.

We believe every patient displays a different presentation even if they have the same medical diagnosis and addressing the individual rather than the disorder is the best approach to care.

We also believe that the therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the patient is one of the most important drivers in the success of your therapy program.